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About Goldie Wassermuhl

With a commitment to enhancing the well-being of Jewish communities throughout the world, Goldie Wassermuhl contributes her energy to charitable programs in health, social services, and in the arts. A retired counselor, she lives in Canada and spends time at her winter home in Florida. Goldie Wassermuhl devotes time and resources to the United Jewish Federation in Toronto, Canada, a division of the United Jewish Appeal of Canada, where she holds membership in the Lions of Judah, a women’s leadership group dedicated to assisting those in need, promoting social justice, and building Jewish identity. The Lions of Judah play an instrumental role in the Federation’s annual campaign through the sponsorship of an annual luncheon. The women’s association undertakes various projects, such as the funding of enrichment programs to assist immigrants in their transition to a new life in Israel. In recognition of her philanthropic accomplishments in the United Jewish Appeal campaign, Goldie Wassermuhl received a prestigious Lions of Judah pin. Aside from her Lions of Judah affiliation, Goldie Wassermuhl participates in many other philanthropic causes, including the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada, with whom she has been active for over three decades. Her generous contributions to the Toronto Jewish Film Festival earned her patron status. During the past three years, she has donated to the cancer research programs at Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation. Goldie Wassermuhl performs volunteer work at the Cheltenham Nursing Home, motivated by her mother’s treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Educated at the University of Toronto, Goldie Wassermuhl holds postgraduate degrees in education and applied psychology. She entered the field of counselling, a career that lasted 40 years. Prior to retiring, Goldie Wassermuhl served as a Counselor for the Counselling & Disability Services department at Seneca College in Toronto. She counseled students experiencing emotional difficulties, as well as students with physical or learning disabilities. With the goal of ensuring student academic success, she worked with students and staff to find accommodations appropriate to special needs students. Goldie Wassermuhl currently provides pro bono counselling to individuals unable to afford the cost of sessions.

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